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steve austin tells his dog he's trying 2 record a podcast
Steve Austin
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steve austin tells his dog he’s trying 2 record a podcast

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WWF Raw is War - 17th March, 1998

Kane attacks the Phoenix Suns mascot.

Watch this and more in our in-depth reviews of the Attitude Era: Attitude Reviews on Youtube.

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Final product of the switcharound meme with radioactivekatana(lines) and weirdoinyourcloset(color)! I did the sketch! AHHH YOU GUYS ARE AMAZING THANK YOU ;A; 

You can see their artworks (and the whole process and stuff) in this link: [X]

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"Someone’s speaking ill of my wonderful, beautiful, oh-so-perfect, Carlos!"

I had to do it okay, and I might make more from that episode! 


And that’s the moment when my heart broke </3 Text-less version of the last artwork in my DA! :) Link here: [x]

*Update: I made a companion-piece to this! Which can be seen here: [x]


well, then scientist will always be my word for hero.

Who says Carlos doesn’t have a dramatic flare in him? Dana inspired by meadowruedraws' Dana. *U* (she’s so great AHH) I’m sure a LOT of people have drawn this scene already but I can’t not join the bandwagon :P

*edit: fixed a lot of stuff (nah I just pretty much added sparkles), plus added that missing element on Carlos’ science shirt!


Fangirling Cecil for anon! Hee, with the colors, it was the only situation I can come up with :p My headcanon is that Cecil wears a headband to keep his hair from falling when at home ;D (the person he’s speaking to is indeed, Carlos)

Edit: AHHH I ADDED CECIL’S TATTOOS! (how could I forget? i’m such a failure OTL)

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I’ve been listening to too much Taylor Swift recently, and that’s when this idea hit me. A parody of her song “You Belong With Me” :p (this was ONLY supposed to be 5 frames GDI— and I added numbers to the caption JIC you’re confused with how to read this?)

Anyway here’s Teenage!Cecilos— with Cecil trying to steal Carlos’ attention from science. (I will render this…someday….just not today)


"Scientists are always fine."

Also posted in DA: [x]
Other WTNV art: [x]

I finally finished this! Wanted to finish this before the new episode came out but…eh. Last artwork for a while since it’s my finals! Unless I finish reviewing early, I won’t be posting any artworks ;u; And a less angsty approach to this heartbreaking scene!

*edit: I TOTALLY FORGOT ABOUT THE IMMEDIATE DEATH THAT COMES UPON TAKING A PHOTO OF KHOSHEKH. UH. Well, maybe it’s an exception when he’s asleep? Ha haha OTL


Cecil, I don’t even remember how I got to Night Vale in the first place. I mean, where is Night Vale, even? But I promise I will find a way back. It’ll just take a couple of days, a week max.

Best of luck at home. I love you.”

For better quality go to my DA [x];
Progress video in my Instagram [x];
Companion piece(ish) to this: [x]

I FINALLY FINISHED IT! This sorta became my birthday gift to myself since it took longer than expected (wow so angst). Ugh, this part broke me okay. I think I let out a strangled sob when this happened. I can’t wait for the next episode! ;A;


“Above us, only stars. Below us, only stars. To all sides, only stars. Inside us, only stars.” - Welcome to Night Vale

Also posted on DA: [x]
Progress Video in my Instagram: [x]

AHH, I finally finished this. Young!Cecilos for a comic I plan to create about them :’D I’m not sure if I’ll go through with it, but once I’m done with the script and thumbnails, I’ll definitely start making it :D (I’M TOO DEEP INTO THE FANDOM, I’M EVEN PLANNING ON MAKING COMICS)


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